FastComet Hosting Review: 21 Reasons Why You Should Buy


Let me get it right.. This is not my regular excel tutorial instead this is a FastComet hosting review — “and of course this is not a paid review – in fact, this website is also hosted with them”  In general, this is how it starts… One fine day you come up with an idea to open a website/blog and write about your favourite topic. Then, the process starts like this...

51 Best Excel Tips and Tricks = Professional In Excel [Free Ebook]


This is the largest collection of best excel tips and tricks on the web. I know, you have got a lot of advice out there about various excel tips and tricks, but you still tend to crave for more, aren’t you? “Excel Tips” The reason is very simple. Microsoft excel is not just a piece of software, it’s a skill. Burning Glass research suggests that “nearly 8 in 10 middle...

How to Solve Your Real Problems With Excel Goal Seek


We want to generate $1m Revenue in 2018 said by CEO. Well, that’s ambitious goal… Considering our current year Revenue is at $0.7m but how do we achieve that..? let’s see if we can use Excel Goal Seek to put some foundations. By the way, we are into Chocolate business. I’ll walk you through step by step on building various models to achieve 1m revenue target by using Goal...