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Excel text formulas: 19 profound ways to bend your data


Can better data let you make better decisions..? Maybe yes, with Excel text formulas you can analyze data effectively. Every day your business will generate millions of lines of data, and most of the times your data will not be in a structured way, even the best technology in the world cannot give you ready-made data to support your decision-making process. I think that is the reason why we’re so...

Excel SUMIFS Formula: Your Business Can’t Live Without


From a common excel user to advanced user everyone will use sum formula very often. How about same sum formula, with little more advanced features..? Confused..? ok, I’ll put it in simple words. What if you can sum numbers based on your own criteria..? or maybe you want to add multiple criteria’s and then you want to sum for only those. Well, with Excel SUMIFS formula everything is possible...