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How I Have Saved Rs.100,000 In Just 4 Months (and you can also do that)


The day when I started with my first paycheck, I’ve been thinking how to save money for the future, but it was always hard for me to do so, because of my spending habits. It was almost a kind of an unsolved puzzle until last month, when I realized that, I have been able to save Rs. 100,000 in a short span of time with simple techniques. According to “The Organization for Economic...

5 Unconventional Ways to Save Money using Your Credit Card


We all use credit cards for various reasons, to buy groceries, for bill payments and for shopping, but what if I say you can save money using your credit card?, Yes, it is true you can save a little money by following simple tips as per below. Guide to Save Money using Your Credit Card With the rise of plastic money, many people often use credit/debit cards to pay off their bills or to make some...