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A thin line between Probability & Proportion


Probability and Proportion are not the same. Although they appear to be the same however there is a very thin line between these two concepts. Let me explain! Probability vs Proportion What is probability? Wikipedia definition “Numerical descriptions of how likely an event is to occur or how likely the proportion is ture” Simply put, it’s a way of measuring an expected outcome...

Pandas pivot table for excel users


If you are an aspiring Data Scientist then the Pandas pivot table is one of the primary tools that you must learn. We all know how to use the excel pivot table. In fact, there are many use cases from summarizing data to performing calculations. But as you know excel pivot table is based on a Graphical User Interface (GUI) so it’s relatively easy to learn and apply. On the contrary Pandas...

Employee Attrition Prediction using Machine Learning


Yes, the headline is correct, this tutorial is about employee attrition prediction using ML algorithms. A person like me who mostly writes tutorials on Excel and Finance has taken up this challenge to learn Data Science a few months back. (Please note I’m a finance professional with no IT background ) And today I can confidently say I’m somewhere around the intermediate level in terms...