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My name is Sudheer, I’m an MBA finance graduate by qualification, with 10+ years of experience in Budgeting, Forecasting, Financial modeling & Data Visualization.

I’m in love with technology, especially the one which we can use to solve day-to-day business problems hence I’m mad at Excel.

But Excel cannot solve all the problems hence I love Python especially on the Data Science side of things.

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About Setting Box:

I’m a single author by choice and write detailed and high-quality how-to guides on Excel Tips, Data Visualization, and Data-Science related topics.

I’m obsessed with numbers and always wanted to find hidden patterns using various techniques.

In this process, I tend to learn many concepts so I want to document and share all of them using this blog.

Let’s make technology work for us not we work for Technology.

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Couple of pics that describe me!

my pc setup

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