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My name is Sudheer,  I’m an MBA finance graduate by qualification, with 10+ years of experience in Budgeting, Forecasting & Financial modeling.

I love crunching numbers with Excel, and naturally, I like Finance more than anything.

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What’s my journey..?

Well, I’m from one of the remotest village in India (I’m a son of a farmer), I came to Bangalore with a lot of hope and willing to learn what I had missed out from my childhood (maybe lack of opportunity).

With lots of ups and down I had completed my MBA in 2010.

I’ve started my first job with one of the biggest MNC as a Financial Analyst, where I need to crunch a lot of data in excel.

Like any other fresh finance graduate, I was not sure how to use MS excel effectively to complete my work.

So, I was started thinking, “what if someone had already told me how to use MS excel to prepare complex reports, or to work on analysis“.

Of course, I’ve struggled a lot to learn excel, I’ve spent most of my time reading excel books, practising exercises, trying hard to understand formulas.

I think my hard work paid back, slowly people started recognizing me as an expert in excel.

I used to solve most of the data crunching and analytical issues in excel.

Finally, one fine day I’ve been selected as an excel trainer for newbies in my company.

Even today, I still strongly believe making small changes in our lifestyle, skillset or probably the way of thinking would yield greater results.

So, that is what I call it a “small settings” in you.

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