Let me get it right..

This is not my regular excel tutorial instead this is a FastComet hosting review — “and of course this is not a paid review – in fact, this website is also hosted with them”

In general, this is how it starts…

One fine day you come up with an idea to open a website/blog and write about your favourite topic.

Then, the process starts like this.

Open your favourite search engine and start typing best-hosting providers….. you get overwhelming results, and you are confused…!

You do it again with various combinations… you are confused again with the price tags. You do it again, but similar situation – even the reviews aren’t helping you this time.

Well, Its a common problem for first timers. In fact, I was in a similar situation when I opened my first website five years ago.

So, let’s see what Fastcomet has to offer.

FastComet Hosting review – what you see is what you get

There are a number of benefits hosting your website with FastComet hosting service. I’ll break down my review into various parts and I’ll explain each point in details.

#1 Free Domain for Life

Domain name is the first and most important step while opening a website. In general, you need to purchase a domain and the price varies from $1 -$10 per year.

Even some hosting providers offer a free domain for first one year and then they change renewal fee from the second year.

With FastComet you get this for free —In fact, free for life [as long as you host your site with them]

#2 Its a cloud hosting

Yes, you heard it right. All of the FastComet hosting plans are hosted in the cloud and it has got various benefits like reliability, scalability, and fast loading.

When I was with my previous hosting provider I had planned to move my website to cloud but they have been charging hefty price even for a basic plan.

#3 45days money back guarantee

Honestly, no reviews are better than own experience. Just in case if you don’t like FastComet service then you have been protected with 45 days money back guarantee. And the good part is “no questions asked – per their website”

Most of the other service providers offer 30days money back but FastComet has 15 days extra time to protect consumers like you and me.

#4 Fixed price

You may have seen many service providers offer very cheap rate for new customers. But there is a catch in it, when you renew for the second year they will charge you a hefty price. I was a victim of this, I bet many of you as well.

The FastComet hosting plans are at a fixed rate – meaning your renewal price will remain same as your first-year price.

#5 Unbelievable 24/7 support

The success of any hosting provider depends on how well their support is, and same is favourable to customers like us.

Based on my personal experience – “FastComet customer service is awesome”. They are very quick i.e. around 10 mins turnaround time – can’t believe..? please refer below screen shot.

In fact, this is one of the main reason for me to write this article.

Fasctcomet service request

#6 SSD storage

There is a huge difference between normal hard disk and SSD. Fundamentally SSD’s are much faster and they can load applications in just a few seconds.

I have been using SSD in own computer and I feel the difference and same goes with your website – faster database lookups, file access etc.. and that results in faster loading time which is something Google is very keen on.

#7 Choose your data center

Fastcomet has 8 data centers strategically located across the globe and you are free to select according to your requirement.

For example, your target audience is based out of Europe then you may choose ‘Frankfurt’ similarly for Asia you can choose ‘Singapore’.

And the good part is your hosting fees will not change based on your data center – unlike most of the other provider’s do so.

fastcomet hosting review

#8 Super fast loading

Google loves fast loading websites and your readers too.

The faster your website the better it is for search engine ranking and perhaps for your users reading experience. In general, your site should load within 3 seconds and anything less than that is awesome.

Fastcomet servers are very quick, part of the reason is that of Cloud & the SSD storage.

I’ve tested my site while writing this point and here is my result.

settingbox site loading time

#9 Free Global CDN

That’s right I’m talking about free Cloudflare CDN.

Fastcomet has been teamed up with Cloudflare and integrated CDN services using Cpanel.

You may argue that Cloudflare CDN is free even if you don’t host your website with Fastcomit – that’s right but Cpanel integration has many advantages.

For example, you don’t have to change nameservers, no need to install any plugin and everything is automatic.

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#10 Free Automated website backup

This is one of my favourite features – prepare for a bad day.

So far I have never come across any hosting provider who offers free backup service. Most of them will be charging or you need to purchase premium hosting service to get it for free.

Fastcomet provides 7 backups [that’s right SEVEN] of your website in case if you want to restore. And most importantly zero configuration and zero maintenance.

Prior to this, I was using Updraftplus backup plugin with Dropbox for my backup – no complains but it’s a manual process and plugins are always extra weight.

fastcomet backup

#11 Dedicated CPU

This is important.

Fastcomet hosting plans are backed by dedicated resources like CPU. Even the most basic plan like StartSmart will offer two cores which is sufficient for most of us.

In a typical shared environment, all the system resources will be shared with others, this process will cause downtime issues.

But that’s not the case when you have dedicated resources.

#12 Dedicated RAM

Similar to CPU, you will also get a dedicated RAM for your website. Again plans like StartSmart will offer 2 GB of ram which is kind of good.

#13 Free Website transfer

This is not applicable for new users.

In case if you already have a website and you are fed up with your current hosting provider then you can move your hosting account.

Moving website is a complicated process and it’s very technical – Often many of us do not have skills to do that. But don’t worry Fastccomet technical team will do everything for you.

Did I mention its FREE?

They have transferred my website within four hours and it was up and running.

#14 Free Domain transfer

In my other point, I have mentioned that you will get a free domain.

But what if you already have one and you are paying for that..?

Well, you can use same domain for free but it needs to be transferred… again no need to worry Fasctcomet technical team will take care of it.

#15 Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

Let’s Encrypt is an open certificate authority who offer free SSL certificates.

In the last few years, SSL is gaining a lot of traction due to increasing privacy concerns. You may say I’m not accepting any payments but does it still needed..?

Well, I’d say yes.

Because many SEO experts believe that Google will consider this as a ranking signal.

Coming back to the Fastcomet hosting review – yes Let’s Encrypt is integrated into Cpanel and it’s very easy to set up automatic SSL certificate for your website.

Prior to Fastcomet, I was using Let’s Encrypt SSL with a manual method using third-party tools like SSL for free.

Which was ok but every three months I have to update SSL certificate manually – with a reminder.

#16 Multiple PHP versions support

If you are using WordPress then must pay attention to this.

The latest version of PHP is much faster than the older versions like 5.3. Unfortunately, many hosting companies are still using 5.3 which is a bottleneck.

At Fastcomet they have support for wide range of versions – one of their technical staff has recommended me to use 7.2 which is the latest one.

Supported PHP versions: 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6, 5.5, 5.4, 5.3

#17 Unlimited Email accounts

If you have a small company then you don’t have to pay extra for email accounts. You can create emails as many as you need. By default, most of the other hosting companies offer one or two.

#18 Website optimization for speed

If you are new to website optimization world (technical) then you are covered. The Fastcomet technical team will review your site and add necessary snippets.

#19 Security

Fastcomet security appears to be very tight (I’m not an expert to provide technical details) I see they have been using BitNinja Server security.

And their account is protected with Two-factor authentication, you can configure apps like Google Authenticator or Authy for added protection.

#20 Hacked website recovery

Obviously, I don’t expect your website to be hacked in the first place but just in case due to human error then you are covered. The Fastcomet security team will help you recover your website.

#21 Uptime

Website uptime plays an important role. Frequent downtimes will adversely impact your SEO rankings.

In fact, this is one of the main reason for me to move away from old hosting provider [my website was down for 10 hours – refer below screenshot] and you can imagine my frustration.

So far I haven’t faced any downtime, my website is up and running from last 1,248 hrs.

In case if I face any issues I’ll update this section with the details.

settingbox uptime

Any Con’s..?

I’ll be honest with you. I really don’t see any con’s with their service so far but as soon as I find anything I’ll update this section.

Or maybe if you have any please let me know via comment section.

My Opinion:

Honestly, Fastcomet is one of the best hosting provider in the market with cutting-edge technologies at an affordable price.

Features like automated backups will save a lot of time (based on my experience) and you can focus more on content creation.

Before you make any purchase – I’d request you to please go ahead and compare other company hosting packages with similar features.

In case if you decided to purchase a Fastcomet hosting package – please use my below affiliate link – I’ll earn a small commission – it won’t be charged to your hosting fees.

[Even if you don’t want to use my link that’s completely alright].

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