How to Split First and Last Name in Excel [with examples]

how to Split First and Last Name in Excel

In this step by step tutorial, we are going take a look at how to split first and last name in excel with detailed examples. Data mining is a cumbersome work! You need to have a better understanding of various excel text formulas and tools like the Text to Columns to deal with the situation. If you … Read more

Speedometer Chart – A Smart Solution to Present Your Data

Gauge chart example #2

The term speedometer is very well known in the automobile industry, however in today’s tutorial, we are going to take a look at how to create Speedometer Chart using google sheets. Creating visually appealing presentations is a key to a successful business meeting. Indeed, traditional excel charts will certainly boost your confidence but that’s not … Read more

How Planned vs Actual Chart In Excel Can Ease Your Pain


The planned vs Actual chart in excel will give you an edge over traditional tabular analysis. In fancy terms, we call it as a Budget vs Actual analysis or Variance analysis. Indeed, it’s quite essential to assess the performance of our plans against actual results periodically. So, in this step by step tutorial, we are … Read more

The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Excel Heat Map That’ll Impress Your Boss

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Excel Heat Map

Creating excel heat map is an art. You need to know which colour combinations works better for your scenarios. According to a research conducted by Prof. Richard Wiseman, “about 25% of people found documents with colours are easier to analyse”.  In fact, colours can play a pivotal role in your analysis when you use it wisely. For … Read more