10 Reasons for Excel Formulas not Working [and How to Fix Them]

excel formulas not working tutorial wiith various examples

“Oh My God” excel formulas not working in my report. Sounds familiar right? If so, don’t worry, you are just one among many excel users who face this problem very often. Just think about it. You have built an excel model for Sales Forecast using various logics with fairly complicated formulas. [‘IF’ formulas with 64 conditions … Read more

51 Best Excel Tips and Tricks = Professional In Excel

51 best excel tips and tricks tutorial

This is the largest collection of best excel tips and tricks on the web. I know, you have got a lot of advice out there about various excel tips and tricks, but you still tend to crave for more, aren’t you? The reason is very simple. Microsoft excel is not just a piece of software, it’s … Read more

How to Split First and Last Name in Excel [with examples]

How to split First and Last Name in Excel using formulas

In this step by step tutorial, we are going take a look at how to split first and last name in excel with detailed examples. Data mining is a cumbersome work! You need to have a better understanding of various excel text formulas and tools like the Text to Columns to deal with the situation. If you … Read more